Welcome to Addenbrooke, a heavenly garden of distinction.

The tree-lined drive featuring pohutukawa and grandiflora magnolias will embrace you the moment you arrive, portraying a taste of the relaxed and peaceful garden awaiting you. 

Wander along a thyme walk, breathing in its pleasant aroma, depending on the season there are freesias, lily's, and roses all showing off their beauty and fragrance. This walk has been described as an "alice in wonderland" setting, it has taken on a look and feel of its own, where the bees, butterflies and birds all gather together. (While wandering through the thyme walk you may spot some interesting plant and flower pairings that subsequently work).   

Enjoy a stop at the 'chapel', a small restful space to reflect and enjoy the view. 

Other highlights include a "secret garden" with an old style telephone-box, a pergola walk made of beams from the old Meremere power station that leads to the goldfish pond and waterfall, plus a formal circular garden with its fountain feature and "Jane's" (the owners) restful garden.

Come and visit us today and enjoy a relaxing, eclectic and distinct experience. We look forward to your call.

Jane & Graeme